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Common Causes of Commercial Truck Crashes

Commercial vehicles like big rigs and delivery trucks often play an essential role in transporting goods. However, truck drivers can be presented with a variety of unique and dangerous situations, which can put them and other motorists on the road at higher risk of a crash.

According to recent data, collisions involving commercial trucks were more likely to result in motorist and passenger deaths as trucks often weigh 20 to 30 times more than standard automobiles.

Situations that could lead to a collision

These are a few ways truck crashes can occur:

  • Other vehicles driving near or around a truck driver’s blind spots.
  • Other vehicles abruptly changing lanes in front of a truck.
  • Motorists not giving truck drivers sufficient headway.
  • Vehicles improperly merging into traffic when trucks are present.
  • Motorists failing to slow down or speed up when changing lanes near a truck.
  • Failing to get a malfunctioning vehicle off the highway and into the shoulder lane.
  • Other vehicles driving between large trucks.
  • Truck drivers lack adequate training and defensive driving skills.
  • Truck driver doesn’t sleep well before getting on the road.
  • Trucking companies putting pressure on their drivers to get to their destinations faster.

Truck crashes can be devastating

When truck drivers are involved in a critical collision, it can cause them fear and distress as the size of their vehicle can make these wrecks more severe. Truck drivers involved in a serious wreck may want to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. They can evaluate the circumstances of their case and represent them in court.