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Sleep Loss and Drowsy Driving Crashes

Most drivers realize the dangers associated with driver fatigue and do their best to get a sufficient amount of sleep before taking to the road. However, some do not realize just how easy it is to suffer from drowsiness behind the wheel. In fact, even a single poor night of sleep increases the chances of a crash. On the other hand, some people struggle with chronic sleep problems and drive while they are drowsy on a daily basis. It is imperative for drivers to watch out for fatigue that interferes with their ability to stay safe on the road and address sleep-related problems that impact their ability to drive safely. 

Sometimes, people sleep poorly on a single occasion because they have an important meeting very early in the morning or because they are trying to adjust to a new work schedule. Many other issues lead to sleep loss, such as staying up late or being unable to fall asleep due to stress. Sadly, when drivers are drowsy they are less likely to notice hazards on the road and respond to traffic situations appropriately. Moreover, some even fall asleep while they are on the road, endangering their own lives and those they encounter on the road. 

If you were hit by a drowsy driver, taking action afterward is crucial and also difficult for different reasons. For example, it is often very challenging to pinpoint drowsy driving as the factor that led to the crash. Unlike alcohol use and high speeds, drowsiness is not always evident and many drivers become very alert after a wreck. Please take a look at our accidents page to read other topics related to collisions on the road

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