Can I File A Personal Injury Claim When I Am Injured At Work?

While you may not realize it, where you get injured has an influence on what type of case you can file. At Davidoff & Associates, we can help you understand how to approach your case in order to get the best possible result. We have helped injured clients throughout New York when it matters most. Let us help you, too.

What Is Third-Party Liability?

Typically, employers are exempt from personal injury claims under the workers’ compensation system. However, if a third party caused the accident, you could pursue them for damages via a personal injury claim. Third-party liability means an individual separate from the employer caused the workplace accident. For example, if you are a truck driver and someone crashes into you, you can file for workers’ compensation but also sue the negligent driver.

With these types of cases, it is necessary to prove that the third party was at fault. We do this by gathering evidence to demonstrate what they did wrong. From taking pictures and getting witness statements to providing medical reports, we utilize our resources to build the strongest possible case. Our attorneys can assess your claim and determine what is in your best interest moving forward.

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