By: Ruben DavidoffOctober 1, 2022,
a group of five children dressed in halloween costumes (from left to right, a tiger, a victorian ghost, a mermaid, a pirate, and a witch) holding bags of candy and smiling

Staying Safe On Halloween Night

Queens is home to several trick-or-treating hotspots that families come from all throughout the boroughs to experience. Unfortunately, this means more people are driving to these neighborhoods, increasing motorist and pedestrian traffic, which can contribute to more pedestrian-involved collisions. To reduce the number of accidents this Halloween, it’s important for trick-or-treating families to take steps to increase visibility. Here are five easy ways to do that:

1. Choose Bright or Light-Colored Costumes

Whether you’re making a costume from scratch or choosing store-bought, it’s best to stick with bright or light colors. Not only will your child stand out more in the dark, but they can also be easier to spot in large crowds. Reflective materials like sequins can also help with this.

2. Utilize Reflective Tape

In addition to choosing specific costume colors, you can also increase visibility by strips of reflective tape to your child’s costume and candy bag. This will make them more noticeable to drivers while standing near or crossing the street.

3. Always Carry a Flashlight

It’s also ideal for each family member to have either a small flashlight, headlamp, or some other light-up device on them at all times. Especially since the sun starts setting earlier during October, flashlights can be essential for navigating through neighborhoods and being seen by motorists.

4. Stay in Well-Lit Areas

While most neighborhoods have street lamps or set-ups specifically for Halloween, it’s always recommended to avoid trick-or-treating in areas that don’t have lighting or sidewalks. Most families choose to go by the rule “if the porch light isn’t on, don’t ring the doorbell,” which can also be useful for choosing which roads to travel down during this night as well. Staying in well-lit areas can help ensure that you are always visible to others on the road.

5. Stick with a Group

Have you ever heard of the old saying, “there’s strength in numbers”? This is also true for Halloween. Larger groups of people are much more likely to be seen by motorists, especially if they utilize the above strategies. If you’re not in an area where large crowds are more likely, a rule of three is also useful.

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