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If you were injured in an accident in the Bronx, then it is only right for you to explore your legal options and seek fair compensation. How can you make certain you are fighting for the most money owed to you? It is simple. Let Davidoff Law handle your case.

Thanks to our representation and counsel, our past clients have been paid millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. While fighting major insurance companies might not be easy, we sure have a way of making it look that way!

Any Accident, Any Time, We’re There

You never know when a terrible accident will strike. That’s why we are always standing by to help new and returning clients with their personal injury cases. Please feel free to call us whenever you need help. If for whatever reason we do miss your call, then you can rest a little easier knowing that we will do everything we can to call you back as soon as possible.

You can also feel confident in knowing that our legal team is well-equipped to manage all types of injury claims and accident lawsuits. If you were hurt due to someone else’s negligence, then we can help you.

Our personal injury lawyers in the Bronx help clients with claims involving:

Who Is Liable For Your Accident?

Liability is important for a personal injury claim. It is basically the legal concept of blame. The more liable someone is for your accident, then the more money they should pay you when you are seeking damages like lost wages, medical bills, and pain/suffering.

Proving liability depends on two things: making a strong argument and using convincing evidence. Thanks to our extensive practice experiences and eclectic backgrounds as a full team of legal professionals, we find and utilize evidence of all types, and we can argue circles around insurance defense attorneys. But it all hinges on figuring out who is liable for your accident and injuries.

Examples of people who could be liable for your damages are:

  • Negligent driver who crashed into you
  • Property owner who did not warn you about a hazard
  • Company that made and sold an unsafe product
  • Truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel

What Our Law Firm Can Do For You

You don’t want to get into the thick of things with an insurance company and a liable party that would rather you get nothing after a serious accident. Your injuries might only get worse if you stress yourself out. To avoid headaches and complications that could jeopardize your case, hand things over to our personal injury attorneys from the Bronx.

We can handle the following and more for you:

  • Investigating your accident
  • Analyzing evidence and finding new proof
  • Working with outside experts for more information
  • Keeping you well-informed as your case develops
  • Negotiating with insurers on your behalf
  • Litigating if your case cannot be settled

If you have lived in the Bronx for a while, then you already know how tough we can be here. When you need the most compensation possible after a bad accident that wasn’t your fault, you can depend on us to stand up for you and never back down just because things got “tough.” We’re here to fight and win in your name!

Call (888) 211-1116 or contact us online to learn more about your case and our legal services.

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