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Dedicated Queens Personal Injury Attorneys, Serving Queens & All Of New York

At Davidoff Law, we focus on personal injury law. Our office in New York City , New York provides personalized and attentive service to each client at every stage in the legal process.

New York personal injury law changes all the time. Our commitment to this area of law allows us to stay informed about every change that could affect your case. Our attorneys work closely with each client, following up on medical appointments and staying involved to keep each case moving in the right direction.

At Davidoff Law, we offer a level of professionalism and skill you would expect from a large firm, coupled with the care and attention only a small, highly focused firm can offer.


Ruben Davidoff
Founder and Managing Attorney

Our Attorneys

Pryanka Arora
Mark Getzoni
Richard Grant
Benjamin Davidov
Associate Attorney
David Cohen
Deanna Poltiyelova
Albert Hakimi

Our Legal Team

Eric Davidoff
Director of Client Relations
Collin Maher
Director of Marketing
Stephanie España
Office Manager
Eliana Davidoff
Marketing Manager
Franklyn Bernabe
Maria Gomez
Shirley Penafiel
Carmen Viteri
Nataly Delgado
Daniel Katayev
Russell Safin
Legal Assistant
Karishma Rattan
Legal Assistant
Maria Yushuvayeva
Legal Assistant
Zachary Zarfati
Legal Assistant
Aideliz Jiminez

Dedicated Queens Personal Injury Attorneys, Serving Queens & All Of New York

New York doctors' offices can be busy, so we provide attentive oversight of our clients' medical progress. We work to make sure your case doesn't fall through the cracks. Insurance companies may be indifferent to your pain, but we are not.

Beginning with your first call to our office in Queens, our attorneys take each case through all the necessary steps, including trials, mediation, settlement, or arbitration when necessary. We also represent clients in appeals at higher courts. At Davidoff Law, our Queens personal injury attorneys have decades of combined experience. We are determined to use that experience to help make sure that each client secures the full compensation they deserve after an accident.
Queens is a diverse borough, and our practice reflects that diversity. We speak English, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi and Russian.

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