By: Ruben DavidoffJune 1, 2022
black car speeding on a rainy road with trees to the side

When making vehicle purchasing decisions, you may consider many factors like size, horsepower, and dependability. Although color often comes as an aesthetic afterthought, studies show that this may play a role in how likely a vehicle will be involved in a collision. Read on to learn more.

Black Cars Have Higher Crash Rates

A 2007 study from the Monash University Accident Research Centre found that, when compared to white cars, black cars are at a 12 percent higher crash risk, silver cars are at a 10 percent higher risk, and blue and red cars are at a 7 percent higher risk. Yellow and beige variants fared pretty well comparatively.

How Does Car Color Affect Safety?

There are several reasons why vehicle color may influence crash risk. For one, it's theorized that since darker cars absorb more heat, it may cause an increase in driver fatigue. Furthermore, when looking at various conditions like nighttime driving and severe weather, darker vehicles have less visibility than those in brighter colors. Lack of contrast with the driving environment may also be a risk factor for low visibility. These may be influential in whether another driver will be able to see you coming, leading to a collision.

So, Should I Avoid Purchasing a Black Car?

Given the higher crash risk associated with black cars, you may be wondering if you should avoid purchasing one altogether. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your personal preferences and needs. If you live in a warm climate and do most of your driving during daylight hours, a black car may not present as much of a safety hazard. However, if you frequently drive in low-light conditions or areas with poor visibility, you may want to consider a lighter color vehicle.

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