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What Are Ways to Stay Safe as a Pedestrian in NYC?

While NYC may be well-known for its subways, it is also rather infamous for the constant traffic that clogs the city at all hours of the day and night. Considering the high amount of pedestrian traffic that NYC generates, it is only natural that there are plenty of pedestrian fatalities that happen each year. In fact, according to the NYC Department of Transportation, pedestrian traffic fatalities hover around 100-120 per year

One of the best ways to ensure that you stay safe as a pedestrian in NYC is to ensure that you are paying attention to your surroundings. With the preponderance of cell phones, it is very easy to go on “autopilot” out there on the streets of New York, and this can lead to pedestrians walking out in the middle of the road and simply not paying attention to the surroundings. Paying attention is vital to staying safe. 

While you may see a lot of other pedestrians crossing across the light in NYC, this is not advisable. Jaywalking can easily lead to a serious accident if a car pulls out from nowhere and does not expect to find you there. Even if you are standing at a crosswalk and it is legal for you to walk, it is still important to pay attention to the traffic around you. For instance, fire trucks and police cars have the right to drive through intersections and you do not want to step in front of a police car that is going through an intersection if you are not paying attention. 

While black is a popular color to wear (particularly during the winter months), you also may want to consider wearing a brighter color to make you more visible to drivers. 

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