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What Should I Do After a Car Accident in NYC?

Driving in New York City is not an easy endeavor, and that is why most New Yorkers attempt to avoid it whenever possible. However, sometimes there are certain errands that a car is necessary for. If you drive regularly or even occasionally in NYC, it is inevitable that you will end up in, at minimum, a fender-bender. It is important to know what to do in the direct aftermath of a car accident in New York City. According to FindLaw, it is imperative that you stop after any variety of accident, no matter how minor, because this is New York law

This law regarding stopping after an accident applies whether you have hit another car that is being driven, a pedestrian, a parked car, or property. Leaving the scene of the crime is a serious offense and can potentially result in jail time or losing your driver’s license. Make sure that you stop, no matter what you hit or what time it is. 

After you have stopped, you need to call the police. If it is a non-emergency, you can call the New York City Police non-emergency number, but if somebody is injured you absolutely must call 911. If you have hit property or a parked car and the owner is not around to speak with you, you need to leave your contact information so that the owner can get back to you. Make sure that this note contains pertinent information like a license plate number, insurance information, and at least a name and address. You should also call the police to make a police report even if another person is not at the scene. 

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