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Solutions For Difficult Child Custody Disputes

No part of a divorce will be without stress but deciding on child custody might be the most stressful step of all. You want to spend time with your child when your marriage ends. Your spouse probably does, too. Where is the middle ground that fairly lets both of you be with your child while also maintaining your child’s best interests?

For all the help that you need during a child custody dispute, come to Davidoff Law in Queens. We are here to lend our advanced legal experience and insight to your case. Our team understands what a New York family law court will expect in a child custody agreement and how to reach such an understanding with your spouse, too. While upholding your child’s best interests, we will also be committed to keeping the entire case as amicable as possible.

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Different Types Of Child Custody

In New York, child custody can be split into two different categories: legal and residential. Each category of custody is important, so you shouldn’t argue for either without first consulting with our team.

Child custody types to consider in your case are:

  • Legal: A parent with legal custody of a child is allowed to make important life decisions for the child, such as where to go to school, what religion to practice, and which healthcare options will be used and when.
  • Residential: A parent with residential custody of a child is allowed to spend time with the child, such as living with the child or visiting on a preset schedule.

Let our attorneys know if there is a reason why you don’t think you or your spouse should have legal or residential custody of your child after divorce. The court will not approve any decision that doesn’t seem to best reflect the child’s best interests, though, so it is important that you give us as many details to work with as you can.

What Is Joint Custody?

New York family law courts prefer to establish joint, split, or shared custody of a child. Judges assume that a child will develop better and be happier when they still have two parental figures when the divorce ends. Shared child custody can be divided in many different ways, so your case might not look much like the next.

For example, you could be given primary custodial residential custody that has your child living with you all the time. Your spouse would have non-primary custody residential rights and only be allowed to visit your child on certain days, weeks, or events.

Changing A Child Custody Order

Not all circumstances in a child custody order will stay the same as the child ages. Life changes often and sometimes surprisingly, after all. If you find that you can’t uphold your child custody obligations any longer, then you should talk to our Queens child custody lawyers about requesting a modification.

The court will only approve of a modification if it:

  • Continues to reflect the child’s best interests.
  • Does not put the other parent under undue stress or duress.
  • Becomes necessary due to an unexpected or unpreventable life change.
  • Does not violate New York child custody law.

You might get a modification approved if you unexpectedly lost your job and then your home, for example. But wanting a modification just because you are tired of the current arrangement probably won’t convince the court. Consult with us to learn more about what child custody modification orders are more likely to succeed and why.

Relocation With Child Custody

If you or your spouse have to relocate for work, health, or another important reason, then it can disrupt your child custody order, especially when the relocation is significant. Before either of you move to a new city, county, state, or country, it is expected that you will try to find a reasonable arrangement with the other parent. For significant relocations, the court should be involved to make the newly modified custody order official.

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Are you feeling tired from arguing back and forth with your spouse or ex about child custody? Get to the bottom of things and find peace of mind again by teaming up with Davidoff Law. Our Queens child custody lawyers are here to guide and represent you at every step of the way while always focusing on what is best for your child.

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