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Few things are ever simple when it comes to family, especially not legal contests. If you are facing a family law dispute or divorce in the near future, it can feel like you have too many options to decide what to do next. To keep things from becoming overwhelming, get Davidoff Law on the phone as soon as possible: (888) 211-1116.

Our Queens family law and divorce lawyers are here to guide you through any legal situation that impacts your family and home life. With services that combine genuine compassion and extensive legal experience, you know that you can trust even the most delicate family law cases with us. We are dedicated to the preservation of your best interests while resolving any legal conflict as amicably as possible.

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Attentive Counsel When You Need It The Most

When you are in the middle of a family law dispute or divorce, you don’t need a law firm that will ignore you or just tell you what you want to hear. You need someone who actually cares about what you’re going through and the best way to resolve it. Davidoff Law has earned a reputation for providing attentive and honest legal counsel, no matter what. Your attorney will keep you informed about important updates as your case progresses, give you real advice, and stand by you, in and out of court.

What Is Family Law?

Family law describes legal matters that involve family members or household members on opposite sides of a case. If a family law case requires the court’s time and attention, then it will go to a family law court, as opposed to a civil or criminal court of law.

With family law describing so many different legal issues, you might think that you will need to search extensively for a law office that can handle your case. Not true—Davidoff Law has the know-how and resources needed to successfully handle virtually any family law case that comes to our desks.

You can count on our Queens attorneys for these case types and more:

  • Divorce: We are ready to represent and guide you through a divorce. We know how to end a marriage without ending the relationship you have with your spouse by keeping things peaceful and respectful.
  • Child custody and visitation: The right to spend time with them is too important to overstate. Let us fight to keep you with your children after divorce or separation. You can also call us if your ex-spouse has violated a child custody order.
  • Parental rights: You surely want to be a part of your child’s life and make important decisions for them, like medical, educational, and religious choices. To do so after divorce, you will need to retain your parental rights.
  • Child support: Making sure that your children can keep living a happy, healthy life after divorce might depend on establishing a fair child support agreement, which we can help with from start to finish.
  • Modifications: Has something in your personal life changed that makes a pre-existing divorce or family law order untenable? A modification could be used to make adjustments that work for everyone.
  • Property division: New York is an equitable distribution state that divides marital property between divorcing or separating spouses based on what is fair, not what is even. If you’re worried about not getting your fair share, then put us on your side today.
  • Orders of protection: Victims of domestic violence can rely on us for legal guidance when filing an order of protection. If you are in immediate danger of physical violence, then please call the authorities when it is safe to do so. Then, once you are out of harm’s way, call us.

Call For Emotional & Legal Support

Our Queens, New York divorce and family lawyers are ready to help you make sense of a difficult situation. The emotional exhaustion that can come with a family law dispute or divorce can slow you down. Give us a chance to support you. Our compassion will make the road ahead less rocky. Our legal experience can keep you moving.

Send us an email or dial (888) 211-1116 at any time to learn more.
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