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Revel advertises itself as a company that is “electrifying urban mobility” in major cities like Queens and Brooklyn. It allows customers to temporarily rent e-bikes and e-mopeds to navigate the streets without needing to hire an Uber or rent a car. However, one of the biggest downsides of Revel is that they can be rented without requiring any sort of training or safety certification, which can cause serious accidents. The same is true with rentable Citi Bikes, which is a public bicycle sharing system with ties to Citibank.

If you were in a Revel or Citi Bike accident as someone who rented an e-bike or if you were hit by someone who was using a Revel or Citi Bike, then Davidoff Law in Queens wants to help. You could have a valid injury claim or lawsuit on your hands. Let us know what happened and we can let you know if you do.

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Injuries In Revel Accidents

A crash on a Revel e-bike or e-moped can result in the following injuriesand more:

  • Broken bones
  • Road rash
  • Permanent scarring

After being in a Revel accident as a rider, motorist, or pedestrian, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you are feeling somewhat fine after the accident, you should see a doctor. By doing so, you will establish when the accident happened and get an idea of what injuries it caused. Without a related medical record, the responding insurance company will have an easier time denying your claim.

Who is Liable for a Revel Accident?

Personal injury claims and lawsuits after a Revel e-bike or e-moped accident can be complicated when it comes to figuring out liability. If you were hit by a Revel user, then they could be liable for the accident. But Revel could also be liable to an extent.

Like Bird and Lyme rentable e-scooters in recent years, Revel has been criticized for letting people rent their bikes and mopeds without training. The argument has been made that the company should be held liable for the injuries its customers cause or suffer in a crash. We can examine your case details to see if Revel should be named as a defendant.

No matter the liable party or parties, you could demand compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

Citi Bike Accident Claims In Queens

Citi Bikes are similar to Revel e-bikes in that people can rent them for temporary personal use. The rental system is a little unique, though, in that consumers need to buy a City Bike pass before being able to rent one of the bikes. The first 30 minutes of a rental are free, but then riders are charged more if they exceed that time.

Handling a Citi Bike accident claim is similar to a Revel accident claim in that the company that rents the bikes could be liable for the accident. The legalities surrounding liability in such an accident will be complicated, especially because it can be assumed that Citi Bike will deny any liability outright. Our Citi Bike accident attorneys will need to find and utilize convincing evidence to prove that you are owed maximum compensation from all the other involved parties.

Queens Attorneys For Lime Scooter Accidents

Shared and rentable forms of transportation are certainly growing in popularity in New York because you can also find Lime scooters across the five boroughs. Lime scooters are e-scooters that people can rent by using a paired app on their smartphones. The concept is simple, but the execution has proven dangerous in some ways.

Lime – and another popular e-scooter company, Bird – have been criticized for allowing 3 safety hazards:

  • No rider training: Lime app users can rent a Lime scooter with virtually no way to ensure that they know how to properly ride and operate the scooter. There have been many Lime scooter accidents in the news in recent years, and most injured riders complain that they felt like they should have been “shown the ropes” before being entrusted with the scooter’s fully independent operation.
  • No helmet provided: Another serious safety issue with Lime scooters is that they do not provide a helmet to riders, even in cities where helmet use while on a motorized vehicle is necessary. Riders are instructed to bring their own helmet, but the app reportedly does very little if not nothing to ensure a rider has a helmet on before the e-scooter can be activated.

No regular maintenance: Riders who rent a Lime scooter have to trust that the vehicle is in good working condition. They do not have the means or abilities to check the scooter’s brakes, tires, accelerator, etc. on their own. If there is a defect, then the rider won’t know it until there is an accident. Because Lime reportedly performs minimum maintenance on its scooters and largely relies on users to report problems, the likelihood of renting a defective Lime scooter could be inordinately high.

Our Queens Lime scooter lawyers can help you discover your legal options if you’ve been in a crash while riding a rented scooter and you think it might have been caused in part due to Lime’s negligence. We can also help you if you were hit by someone riding a Lime scooter, whether you were in your car or on foot.

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