By: Ruben DavidoffJuly 21, 2023

If you have been involved in a car accident in New York, navigating the process of filing a claim and seeking compensation can be challenging. One important element in such claims is the police report, which plays a pivotal role in determining fault and establishing the foundation for your case.

The Importance of Police Reports

In the aftermath of a car accident, calling the police to the scene is essential. The responding officers play a vital role in documenting critical details about the accident, which forms the basis for the police report.

These reports are objective and unbiased accounts of what transpired during the accident, and they include crucial information such as:

  • Date, Time, and Location: The report will specify when and where the accident occurred, providing essential context for the claim.
  • Driver and Witness Information: The police will collect contact information from all drivers involved in the accident and any witnesses present. This allows insurance companies and legal representatives to gather statements or testimonials later if needed.
  • Weather and Road Conditions: The report should note the weather conditions and the state of the road at the time of the accident. This information can be crucial in understanding the accident's cause and determining liability.
  • Description of the Accident: The police report will include a detailed description of how the accident happened, based on their investigation and statements from involved parties and witnesses.
  • Preliminary Fault Assessment: Though not legally binding, the responding officers may include their preliminary assessment of who was at fault in causing the accident.
  • Pictures and Diagrams: In some cases, police officers may take pictures or draw diagrams of the accident scene to provide visual documentation of the crash.

Establishing Liability

One of the most important aspects of a car accident claim is determining liability. New York follows a "comparative negligence" system, which means that fault can be shared among multiple parties involved in the accident. However, the amount of compensation you can receive may be reduced proportionally based on your level of fault.

The police report's initial assessment of fault can carry significant weight during the claims process. Insurance adjusters and courts often consider the officer's observations, statements from witnesses, and the physical evidence presented in the report when determining liability.

However, it's important to note that the police report's findings are not the final word when it comes to declaring who is truly at fault, and they can be challenged or further investigated if necessary. If you disagree with the officer's preliminary assessment of fault, you and your legal representative can present additional evidence, such as photographs, video footage, or expert testimony, to support your version of events.

Obtaining a Copy of the Police Report

After the accident, the police report may not be immediately available. It typically takes a few days to a week for the report to be processed and uploaded into the system. In New York, you can usually obtain a copy of the police report by visiting the local police department or requesting it online through the precinct's website.

When obtaining a copy of the report, carefully review the information for accuracy. Check that all the details, including the date, time, location, and contact information of involved parties and witnesses, are correct. If you spot any errors or discrepancies, notify the police department and have them rectify the report.

Using the Police Report in Your Car Accident Claim

Once you have a copy of the police report, it is essential to share it with your insurance company and attorney if you have one. The report serves as a valuable piece of evidence to support your claim and establish liability. Your insurance company will review the report as part of their investigation into the accident, along with any additional evidence you provide.

Your attorney, if you have hired one, will use the police report to build a strong case on your behalf. They will analyze the report, interview witnesses, collect medical records, and assess other evidence to strengthen your claim for compensation.

In conclusion, police reports are vital documents when it comes to New York car accident claims. They provide an objective account of the accident, establish essential details about the incident, and help determine liability. While the initial assessment of fault in the report is significant, it is not the final determination, and additional evidence can be presented to support your version of events.

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