Common Car Accident Injuries


There are numerous factors that can impact the severity of a car collision. From the types of vehicles involved to the speed at which they were traveling, a crash can lead to a wide range of serious injuries. What are some of the most common injuries that can result from a New York auto accident?

1. Brain And Head Injuries

From the head striking the steering wheel, the side window or the door support bar, a head injury can be life-changing. A traumatic brain injury can show symptoms such as loss of consciousness, loss of short-term memory, personality changes, mood swings, chronic headaches, blurred vision, and difficulty communicating. A concussion, sometimes referred to as a Mild-TBI, will typically heal after a few weeks but can cause serious cognitive impairment during the healing process.

2. Neck And Back Injuries

People typically equate a rear-end collision with whiplash – a soft-tissue injury sometimes referred to as a cervical sprain. The violent, whipping motion of the head can lead to severe strain on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments up and down the spine. A fracture or torsion of the spinal cord can lead to loss of sensation or loss of movement in the extremities.

3. Chest And Abdominal Injuries

With the position of the seatbelts across the chest and the driver’s proximity to the steering wheel, car occupants are in danger of crush injuries in a high-speed collision. Chest contusions are common in these types of accidents. Unfortunately, higher speeds or collisions with larger vehicles can lead to broken ribs and damage to the internal organs.

4. Leg And Knee Injuries

Depending on the positioning of the vehicles involved in the collision, a car occupant might have their legs crushed by the dashboard, engine firewall, or the door immediately next to them. Legs, knees, feet, and ankles are at risk for compound fractures, lacerations, contusions, crush injuries, or amputation.

5. Psychological Injuries

Far from a minor effect of a car crash, individuals can suffer severe psychological trauma. Passengers and drivers alike can suffer from PTSD and other psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety after a serious accident. Symptoms might manifest themselves physically – nausea or headaches at the thought of getting in a vehicle – or mentally – such as avoidance of taking even a short car ride.

Even a seemingly minor vehicle crash can have lasting effects. It is crucial that you discuss your accident with trusted medical and legal professionals to get a thorough understanding of what you might face in the future.

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